Arizona Citizens We Must Together Put Frustration Into Action


We the people aim to shock and awe the two party political juggernaut that strangle holds Arizona's Citizens by winning the hearts and the votes of the people. Having no Political Affiliations means more power to the people and under my Governorship I will speak the truth, be honest and serve the people with care. It is now time to turn frustration into action. The bleak prospects that face us as a state and nation call with a strong clear voice for someone to stand up who is not afraid but can and will lead in the face of fierce opposition. The citizens of Arizona, and similarly the citizens of The United States of America have watched politicians make promises that sound good during the election season. However, the promises almost always leave us feeling empty and used as things go on as usual. Our money is wasted by government while education is poor, crime increases, and our freedoms vanish. It is time to stop the status quo. Business as usual in our government is not working. We need to say "Enough!" corruption and waste by electing a regular guy to the office of Governor. Send a message to the career politicians that they must change or we will not vote for them. No more accepting the lesser of two evils. It is time for regular people to take back the government. People with common sense who have not been corrupted by the deceptive environment of politics will do a better job because they can care for their community insted of their political parties. Start by spreading the news of Write-In J. Johnson for Governor of Arizona. Let's Make History November 4th 2014.

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I will Stand & fight for:

  • The Constitution
  • Personal Liberty
  • Reduce Government Waste
  • Job Creation
  • State Self Sufficiency
  • Law Enforcement
  • Growing the Economy
  • K-12 Reform
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Small Business Growth  
  • Reducing Regulations
  • Local Farmers & Farming
  • Campaign Finance Reform