Sports injuries are typically cause by overuse of the body, from a direct impact or being force that is greater than the body’s capability. Sports injuries have two kinds, chronic and acute. An acute sports injury is coming from awkward landing, sprained ankle and a chronic sport injuries is cause of overuse of joints and muscles repeatedly. It is important that you visit medical professionals when being injured, to make sure that your injury is going to be treated. For instance, you may think that your sprain ankle is not that serious, but it may be a bone fracture.

There are many types of sport injuries such as Ankle sprain that has symptoms of swelling, stiffness and pain. Bruises, has tiny bleeds on skin from a blow can. Concussion, it is brain injuries from a blow to the head can make you unconscious and has symptoms of short term memory loss, dizziness and headache. Abrasion and cuts mostly cause of being falls. Dehydration, that cause of lack of water intake, Dental damage, being removed of your teeth when a blow to the jack. Gong strain and hamstring, can cause swelling and pain. Joint injuries, has a symptoms of swelling, stiffness and pain. Nose injuries, either broken or bleeding nose from being blow directly.

The first aid for sports injuries like strains, joint injuries and sprains are:

These are just a suggestion for an urgent treatment for injuries like strains, joint injuries and sprains. When injured, take rest and don’t use it for two to three days. Support the injured part to avoid from being hurt. For the first two to three days, apply an ice to the injured part for twenty minutes. Use bandage to compress the injured part of your body, extend the bandage to the upper and lower part. Lift the injured area up to the height of your chest. Do not apply alcohol, heat, massage and running because it can increase the bleeding. If you feel more pain, it may be a serious injury, see your doctor for check-up. Excellent services of Bouverie Dental best doctors.

To avoid sport injuries do a warm up before using it in to a game, wear a protected gear if possible, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, do not exercise when it is on the hottest time of the day, make sure that you are trained before joining in sports.

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