Are the terms epoxy floor coating and epoxy flooring a little confusing for you? Well, there is not much difference between the two actually. Both options make the floor tough, resistant to grime and durable as well, just as any epoxy paint. Their difference is the epoxy paint layers that they have and their thickness once they dry up. But aside from the two differences that have been mentioned, they pretty m much have the same characteristics as epoxy paints. Whichever option you choose, you will surely get floors that are long lasting and beautiful. For office partitioning Services in Melbourne you can contact Foley Glass.

Epoxy Flooring
The thickness of epoxy flooring is a minimum of two millimeters. A number of epoxy paint layers are applied on the surface of the floor. Because it is thick, it is advisable for areas that have high traffic. A good example of this is the airplane hangar where the rubber wheels of heavy airplanes constantly treads such floors. The good thing about epoxy flooring is that it will not wear and it is also chemical resistant. This means that it should not be difficult to clean it up. Because it is non-slip, chances of injury are highly decreased with epoxy floorings.
Epoxy floors have several types. Epoxy floors that are self-dispersing are typically used in places that have heavy traffic. Self-dispersing floor that has quartz sand is recommended for use in places where liquids might be constantly spilled because it has non-slip qualities. The strongest type of epoxy floor is the mortar epoxy floor. This type of flooring can be used in repairing any cracks before other floors can be applied. If you have areas that need an environment which is free from static, then you should opt for epoxy antistatic floors. Examples of these places are hospitals and labs.
Epoxy Floor Coating
Its thickness is less than two millimeters because it only has a few epoxy paint layers applied to the floor’s surface. Epoxy floor coatings are more common than epoxy flooring. If you are planning to install the epoxy on your own then this is probably the best option for you. Epoxy floor coatings consist of prepping the floor surface, priming the floor, epoxy floor coat application and sealing it by using a sealant. This option is also just as durable as the epoxy floorings. You can also adjust the epoxy resins depending on how hard you need it to be. Epoxy coatings make a surface non-slip and it is chemical and wear resistant. It also adheres to almost any flooring surface that you might have at home. This coating can also be used for any decorative designs on your floor. Epoxy coatings come in different colors so you can choose the color that you like best.
So as you can see, the two both work the same way. The only thing that they differ in is their thickness and the number of layers that they have. So choose whichever one works for you best in terms of costs.

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